Time Traveler From Year 6000: Shocking Revelations About the Future

Time Traveler From Year 6000: Shocking Revelations About the Future

Viral News, New Delhi. Science has progressed a lot, and scientists keep making efforts to design a time capsule but no exact invention has happened yet when it comes to time travelling. But many people often come forward claiming they have returned from the future. Now a person has claimed that he is a 'time traveller' and has seen the world after four thousand years. 

What he has claimed?

In fact, this self-proclaimed 'time traveller' has revealed what life will be like for humanity in the year 6000 and he even has a picture of a city to prove it. According to the Mirror report, the man has claimed that he was part of a secret program in the 1990s to send people ahead of time, that is, to the future. He says that after 4 thousand years, progress in medicine, government and new technology will make modern life 'primitive.' 

The man further said, 'I know that many of you will find it very difficult to believe my story, but I do not blame you for that. If I were in your place, I probably wouldn't believe it either. My intention is not to deceive anyone, I just want to spread a message about the future of humanity and where the world is going. I have seen that the way the world has changed and the technologies that have emerged, you will be blown away.

He lost one of his friend during time travel

The person has also claimed that during time travel he lost one of his friends, who can never return. 'In a way the future is like a utopia, but sadly when we tried to travel back we couldn't,' she said tearfully. I just wanted to see him one more time. He also claims that time travel will become common by the year 2028. This means that now we will not have to wait long to know how much truth is there in his words.

Dystopian Nightmare

War, pollution, and resource depletion have ravaged the Earth, forcing survivors to live in a harsh and unforgiving world. Civilization has collapsed, and the traveler struggles to understand even the most basic aspects of 21st-century life.


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