Unlock 15 OTT Apps with Jio's Recharge Plans!

Unlock 15 OTT Apps with Jio's Recharge Plans!

New Delhi. Reliance Jio : is the largest telecom company in the country. Jio has crores of users. The company offers many types of plans to meet the needs of its customers. Jio also offers some plans to its users in which access to 15 OTT apps is available for free.

Reliance Jio is the largest telecom company in the country. Jio has more than 46 crore users. The company offers different recharge plans for the different needs of its crores of users. For some time now, people have been more inclined towards OTT platforms, which is why Jio is now giving free OTT subscription to customers in its plans.

Let us tell you that if you take a monthly plan of any OTT apps, then a lot of your money is spent and you get subscription of only one app. But now Jio has come up with a great offer for its customers. Jio is giving subscription of more than one OTT app to users in many of its plans.

Jio’s Rs 148 plan

Reliance Jio’s Rs 148 plan is the cheapest JioTV Premium plan. Keep in mind that this is a data-only plan. If you take this plan, then you get only extra data. In this plan, the company offers 10GB of data with a validity of 28 days to the users and it provides free facility to watch 12 OTT apps.

Jio’s Rs 1198 plan

Reliance Jio offers its customers a long validity of 84 days in this plan. In this, customers are given 18GB of data extra. If we talk about its OTT benefits, then in this plan, users are given subscription of 15 OTT apps.

Jio’s Rs 4498 plan

If you want a plan with long validity, then you can choose this plan. Jio gives its customers a long validity of 365 days for Rs 4498. In this, you can make unlimited calling on any network throughout the year. Along with this, a total of 78GB data is given extra to the customers in this plan. In this plan, Jio gives customers a subscription of 15 OTT apps for free.

If you are a Jio customer, then you can take advantage of the company’s JioTV Premium plans. The company allows its customers to watch 15 OTT apps for free in JioTV Premium. The special thing is that this offer of Jio starts with a plan of Rs 148.


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