Viral Video: This is how London's boosting Indian tourism

Viral Video: This is how London's boosting Indian tourism

New Delhi. Through bus branding, the Kerala tourism department is launching an inventive project to promote "God's Own Country" abroad. Kerala has been beautifully captured on double-decker buses in London, with landscapes from the state's scenic backwaters. The goal of this imaginative project is to increase state tourism, especially as summer vacation draws near. On social media, a viral video featuring the double bus branding has received a lot of attention.

Instagram booms with love! 

An Instagram user expressed his delight over discovering advertisements for Kerala travel in a lively London. The user displays the entire bus's appearance together with images from the backcountry while the video plays. The bus has the Kerala Tourism emblem affixed to it, along with images of the water bodies, snake boat races, and houseboats in Alappuzha. The hashtag "#TravelForGood" is displayed on one side of the bus.

Netizens are a fan 

In response to the video, social media users expressed their disbelief. "Alappuzha, Kuttanad domination everywhere," one of them remarked, while another wrote, "Wow, the whole of Alappuzha is in the vehicle."  
One comment said, "People are proud of Kerala and recognise India through it." In a positive review, one user said, "Excellent placements, hats go to Kerala tourism marketing staff."

Kerala goes global

There have been more than four million views on the video. P. A. Mohamed Riyas, the minister of tourism for Kerala, also posted a video of the London bus branding along with the caption, "Kerala tourism's new advertising approach." Our houseboat in London busses and Alappuzha. The comment box will be used to inform new campaign ideas that can be applied abroad.

The state tourism department's efforts to promote Kerala travel abroad have drawn accolades from the public. Interestingly, this is not the first time that an initiative of this kind has been launched. Approximately five large double-decker buses with Keralan images were operated across the city earlier in 2018.

The famous red buses were used for the experiment, which attracted the interest of London residents and commuters alike. Before then, Kerala was successfully branded on taxis in Glasgow, Birmingham, and London by the department.


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