Zomato advises customers to prioritize health: Avoid ordering from us... Amid heatwave

Zomato advises customers to prioritize health: Avoid ordering from us... Amid heatwave

New Delhi. As extreme heatwave conditions persisted across parts of India, food delivery giant Zomato made an unusual request to its customers on Sunday. Using its X (formerly Twitter) account, Zomato urged patrons to refrain from ordering food during peak afternoon hours unless absolutely necessary.

"Please avoid ordering during peak afternoon unless absolutely necessary," Zomato wrote in its post. This appeal was widely interpreted as a measure to protect delivery personnel from the intense heat, which could pose significant health risks during their bike rides to fulfil orders.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

The post, which quickly amassed over 380,600 views, sparked a range of reactions from Twitter users. Many praised Zomato for its considerate stance towards its delivery workers. "It's heartening to see Zomato looking out for their delivery partners' well-being," one user commented.

Concerns Over Inconvenience

However, others raised concerns about the inconvenience this might cause, especially for individuals who rely heavily on food delivery services. "Wow, a food delivery app asking its customers not to order in the afternoon. What about those who stay alone? If you’re really that concerned about the well-being of the delivery guys, increase their incentives," another user wrote, criticising the company for what they saw as an impractical solution.

The Broader Implications

This appeal by Zomato has highlighted a critical issue faced by delivery workers during extreme weather conditions and has opened a broader conversation about the responsibilities of companies towards their employees' health and safety. As temperatures continue to soar, it remains to be seen how food delivery services will adapt to ensure the well-being of their staff while meeting customer demands.

Calls for More Concrete Measures

Some users went further, suggesting that Zomato should halt its services during the hottest parts of the day if it truly cared about its delivery personnel. "If you actually care about your employees, you would be posting, 'Our services are unavailable during peak afternoon hours,'" a user pointed out, urging the company to take more definitive action.


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