Ex-Kazakh Minister Brutally Murders Wife in Horrific On-Camera Attack

Ex-Kazakh Minister Brutally Murders Wife in Horrific On-Camera Attack

A former Kazakh government minister, Kuandyk Bishimbayev, is on trial for allegedly beating his wife, Saltanat Nukenova, to death in November 2023. Disturbing CCTV footage from a restaurant shows Bishimbayev assaulting Nukenova.

The case has sparked outrage in Kazakhstan and a national conversation about domestic violence, prompting new laws to curb the violence. Recently, a shocking several hours long video has been submitted to court which shows Bishimbayev beating his wife to death, at a hotel owned by one of his family members.

The trial of the 44-year-old former minister becomes the first case in the country to be streamed online, making it accessible to 16 million people in Kazakhstan.

In the disturbing video, the accused minister and father of four can be seen dragging his wife by hair and the punching and kicking her. After which, she died of trauma. Soon after minutes, he can be seen dragging her into a separate room to avoid cameras. In the video, Bishimbayev can be seen assaulting her continuously.

The case has initiated outrage among people. Hundreds of people have filed a petition demanding tough laws for domestic violence. 

During the live streaming of the trial, Bishimbayev has been given 20 years of prison on the charges of torture and murder with extreme violence.


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