Indian Spy Plot Allegation: RAW Officer Accused of Targeting Khalistan Leader on US Soil

Indian Spy Plot Allegation: RAW Officer Accused of Targeting Khalistan Leader on US Soil

In a shocking revelation, the American newspaper, The Washington Post, has alleged that Indian RAW officer Vikram Yadav, codenamed CC-1, orchestrated a conspiracy to assassinate Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. According to the report, Yadav not only planned the attack but also devised a plot to eliminate Pannun on American soil.

Details of the Report

The report claims that Vikram Yadav, associated with various government agencies, forwarded Pannun's information to an address in New York. Despite the Ministry of External Affairs' denial of these allegations, the Financial Times had previously reported in November 2022 that the US had thwarted an attempt to kill Pannun, warning the Indian government about its involvement.

CC-1's Involvement

A petition filed in a Manhattan court implicated a person named Nikhil Gupta in a conspiracy to murder Pannun, allegedly in collaboration with Indian government officials. The unnamed individual, referred to as CC-1, was later identified as Vikram Yadav by The Washington Post.

Arrest of Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta, who holds dual citizenship of America and Canada, was apprehended in Chase Republic on June 30, 2023. He stands accused of conspiring to assassinate Pannun. US officials claim that Vikram Gupta had promised Nikhil Gupta $100,000 for the murder plot, providing an advance payment of $15,000 on June 9, 2023.

India's Response

India has vehemently denied these accusations, asserting that any conspiracy to harm Pannun contradicts the government's policies.

The allegations made by The Washington Post against Vikram Yadav have stirred controversy, raising questions about the role of Indian intelligence agencies in international affairs. As the investigation unfolds, the global community awaits further developments in this intricate web of accusations and counterclaims.


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