Iran releases investigation report on President Ebrahim Raisi death

Iran releases investigation report on President Ebrahim Raisi death

There are many reports regarding the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's death. According to some reports, his death was part of a bigger conpiracy by Israel, while others are naming the people of Iran as being behind his death. Now,  in a recent development, the General Staff of Iran's Armed Forces has released the first report on the causes of a recent helicopter crash that resulted in the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his entourage. 

About Ebrahim Raisi's death 

Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter met with an accident when he was returning after inaugurating a dam on the border of Azerbaijan. This accident happened near Jolfa city bordering Azerbaijan, along with Raisi, Iran's Foreign Minister and the crew along with a total of 9 people were aboard the helicopter. Raisi was laid to rest on Thursday in the holy shrine of Imam Reza in his hometown, the northeastern city of Mashhad. 

What's in report? 

According to the report, Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter was going on the same path which was already decided, that is, the helicopter did not deviate from its path. Apart from this, the committee also said in the report that the pilot of the helicopter was in constant contact with the crew of the other helicopter. Initial investigation has found no evidence that Raisi's helicopter was shot down.

Search operation continued till 5 AM 

The committee said that the Iranian drone itself detected the location of the helicopter. Due to fog and bad weather, the search operation continued till 5 am on Monday. After the helicopter crashed, it collided with the mountains and rocks, after which it caught fire.

It has been made clear in the report that nothing has been found in the accident which would suggest that this accident was part of some conspiracy. However, in the end it has also been said that the committee still needs more time to submit the final report.

Israel response 

Immediately after the death of the President and others on Monday, Iranian Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri ordered an investigation into the accident. A high ranking committee was formed to investigate Raisi's helicopter crash which has prepared its first report in 3 days.

Since Raisi's death, Iran and its proxy groups present in other countries have warned that if any conspiracy is involved in this, they will change the map of the world. After this accident, Israel responded by saying that we had no involvement in this accident.


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