Sister Kim Yo Jong dismisses suspicions of weapons exports to Russia

Sister Kim Yo Jong dismisses suspicions of weapons exports to Russia

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister again denied today (Friday) that the country has exported any weapons to Russia. She described outside speculation on the North Korean-Russian arms deal as the most absurd.

America, South Korea and others have continuously accused North Korea of ​​supplying artillery, missiles and other weapons to Russia for the war in Ukraine in exchange for military technology and economic aid.

However, North Korea and Russia have repeatedly rejected it. Foreign experts believe North Korea's recent series of artillery and short-range missile tests were meant to test or advertise weapons it was planning to sell to Russia.

Attack the South Korean capital Seoul

Kim Yo Jong described the assessment on North Korean-Russian relations as the most absurd. She said that we have no intention of exporting our military technical capabilities to any country or opening them up to the public. She said North Korea's recent weapons tests were conducted solely as part of the country's five-year weapons production plan launched in 2021. North Korea's leader said that the recently tested weapons have been designed to attack the South Korean capital Seoul. Kim Yo Jong said that we do not hide the fact that such weapons will be used to prevent Seoul from inventing any useless idea.

From North Korea ballistic missile

The United States announced fresh sanctions on May 16 on two Russian individuals and three Russian companies for facilitating arms transfers between Russia and North Korea, including ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine. However, the debris from a missile that landed in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Jan 2 was from a North Korean Hwasong-11 series ballistic missile. 

In March, South Korean Defense Minister Shin Wonsik said North Korea had sent about 7,000 containers filled with munitions and other military equipment to Russia since last year. In return, Shin said North Korea has received more than 9,000 Russian containers filled with aid.


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